Frequently Asked Questions

Ask and you shall receive (answers).


No biggie, it happens to the best of us. Just reset it. If you don't receive the reset e-mail or you don't have access to the e-mail address you used for your Ovo account, please contact us.

Of course! Just click here or log in to your Ovo account, click the user icon on the bottom left corner > Profile > Enter your current password and new password > Click Save Changes.

Users of all paid plans get priority customer support through our ticketing system and contact page. Free Trial users get non-priority customer support.

We're not saying no, but please submit a ticket so that our customer service team can look assist you. Please provide a detailed description of why you'd like to transfer your app to another account.

We currently don't offer collaboration; however, we frequently update our platform with new features and upgrades and we may offer such a feature in the future.


A Build is the process of generating app files, such as .APK, .AAB and .IPA. These files are ready for publishing in Google Play and App Store. If you want to create one app for both platforms, you will need two builds: one for Android devices (AAB or APK file) and one for Apple devices - IPA file.

We only charge for successful builds. If your build fails, you'll have an opportunity to look into possible issues and fix them before attempting the build again.

The most common reason for this are issues with your keys. Please make sure that you have uploaded all the necessary keys and used the correct credentials (alias and password).
Please raise a ticket if you'd like more information on why your build failed.

Tech quality wise, there should be no issue, but you may experience limitations if the content of your app is against the rules of the particular store.

Yes! When you purchase a paid plan, you may sell or charge for the use of your apps.

We currently doesn't offer source code downloads; however, we may be able to help for a one time fee. Please contact us to request the source code of your app.

Usually apps will be build in less than 8 minutes. It may take longer if we're experiencing peak times. For the best experience, we recommend working on your apps during evenings and weekends.


In short - we don't charge for push notifications but in order to send them, you must have a OneSignal account. You'll be able to send push notifications to your users from Ovo App Studio account or directly from your OneSignal account.

We don't offer refunds for build packages, but remember that the number of purchased builds are tied to the particular app you purchased them for and they don't expire.
To avoid overpaying and underusing, we recommend choosing a cheaper package with less builds for apps that don't require a lot of maintenance.

Click here or log in to your Ovo account, click the user icon on the bottom left corner > Profile > Transactions.

You need to purchase a builds package for each app separately. We currently don't offer per account builds packages.

Usually this is not allowed, but our customer service team may be able to help. Please contact us and tell us know which app's balance you would like to transfer to which other app.

Ordinarily, we do not offer refunds on purchases; however, if something hasn't worked right, you have told us about it, but the issue still persists, then we will, of course, issue a refund for your builds package.
Please submit a ticket to raise an issue.